What if you can’t replace your truck if it’s stolen?

Dealers don’t have trucks to sell, so what then?

Dealers are rejecting purchase orders for fleet trucks! When a fleet owner recently had their vehicle stolen, they contacted their local GM dealer to turn in a purchase order to replace the truck. The fleet manager had always replaced vehicles this way. 

The new normal. The fleet owner was stunned to find out that the GM dealer rejected the POs because they didn’t have any trucks. When a truck does trickle into a dealership, the sales team already has a long list of people willing to pay full retail, plus added dealer markup. So they are disincentivized to sell trucks to fleet buyers. 

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Impossible to replace fleet vehicles. This current parts shortage puts fleet truck owners in a vulnerable position if their fleet trucks are stolen because fleet trucks can’t easily be replaced. 

Vehicle theft has a big negative impact on the business. A stolen truck is more than just the replacement value of the vehicle. It negatively affects the company in three ways. 

  • The cost of tools and equipment stolen with the vehicle. The average for fleet vehicles has $25K worth of tools per vehicle on board. 
  • The replacement cost of the vehicle itself. Since fleet vehicles are in short supply, the replacement cost is significantly higher. You might pay $20K plus over the full retail price if you can even locate a vehicle. 
  • The loss of income to the employee who uses the fleet vehicle. Missed revenue and reputation damage to the business because of canceled appointments. This negative cost is enormous for a large fleet.  

Ravelco will give you instant ROI starting now. If you can avoid vehicle theft, you’ve saved money. Typically the Ravelco costs $700 per vehicle for proven anti-theft protection. Even if just one theft is prevented per vehicle per year, you’ve saved a ton of money and headache. Multiply the cost of the Ravelco vs. the cost of replacing a fleet vehicle, and you’ve got instant ROI starting today. It makes economic sense to prevent fleet vehicle theft now more than ever. 

It makes economic sense to prevent fleet vehicle theft now more than ever. Ravelco will give you instant ROI vs. the cost of replacing a fleet vehicle.

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Dealers are rejected new vehicle POs because they don’t have any trucks to sell and would rather sell them at full retail plus markup.

See the savings. The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device easily pays for itself many times over. See how Ravelco protects Rescue Rooter’s fleet to save them headaches and money.

50 theft attempts in 5 years were defeated by Ravelco!

Therma estimates Ravelco has saved them over $20,000 per vehicle. That’s over $1,000,000 in losses prevented over 5 years since Therma protected their entire fleet with the Ravelco anti-theft device. Not a single vehicle has been stolen.

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These companies trust us to protect their fleet vehicles from theft. 
We can protect yours too.

“In 2013 we lost 13 vehicles to thieves, with no end to the thefts in sight. We got the vans back, but not the tools, costing the company over $250,000 per year. We tried alarms, clubs, locks, GPS. Nothing worked. Until we installed the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. Since then, we haven’t lost a single vehicle protected with a Ravelco, and there have been over 30 attempts. We put them on every single vehicle we don’t want to be stolen. In 5 years, it’s saved the company over $600,000.”

Joe Parisi
Chairman, Therma


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