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Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD High Country

Good Day Ravelco, Please, if you have a minute take time to read this email and realize what a great product you have. I say this because sometimes people who work for a company do not really understand how the product that they are manufacturing helps the community. Two weeks ago, I took delivery of a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD High Country. Being that I am 71 years old, this truck cost 3 times what my home in Metairie, Louisiana cost back in 1974. This was the nicest truck I have ever had and I wanted to protect it. I Googled “Anti Theft Devices” and saw that your Ravelco was on the first page at the top of the list. My son said that companies sometimes pay for this high ranking (placement) but I saw that your Ravelco listing was not sponsored or a paid site, so I clicked on it. After reading your website, it upset me that you did not have a dealer in the New Orleans area. So I decided to take the trip with my granddaughter to Baytown, Texas (the closest your Houston installers came this way east) and have the Ravelco installed. It is a good thing I did, because last week at the mall here they had a rash of break-ins and stolen vehicles. I have mixed feelings about this because they broke into my truck and destroyed my ignition but the good part is the RAVELCO saved my truck! I love you guys! Please send me 2 more Ravelco warning stickers for my windows. When I had the windows tinted they removed the Ravelco labels that your men applied. I know your installers told me to have the tinters install the tint right over the Ravelco labels and I did tell the truck shop that tinted my windows to do that. But, as the world is today, they did not listen and scraped them off. I can’t say enough about this amazing product. God Bless Ravelco and thanks again for such a great service

Lester P. - Metairie

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

At the beginning of COVID, my truck was stolen and luckily recovered, minus the catalytic convertors and some tools and personal items.

I had a Ravelco installed.
Recently a group of six men in two vehicles came and tried to steal my 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD again. Thanks to the Ravelco device, they were not able to take the truck.

They punched the lock and broke the steering column cover and ignition cylinder. They tried to jump relays in the engine bay.

This all took less than two minutes. They were confronted, and they left. Thankfully.

It angers me that people are trying to steal my truck, but the Revelco gives me an added sense of confidence that it won’t easily be stolen again.

The built-in security system from Chevrolet is a JOKE; the Ravelco is not. If you have a vehicle that you are worried about being stolen, get one and add a really loud alarm with a flashing LED that is clearly visible. Well, that is what I put in a few days ago. 🙂

Stay safe and remember that it is only a vehicle, regardless of how much money, time, and effort you put into it.

Good Guy

Southern California

Jeep Wrangler 

Congratulations, Ravelco. Your great product saved my 2017 Jeep Wrangler from being someone else’s Jeep last night. Because we always remove our doors and our windows are plastic, we chose not to have your Ravelco stickers applied on them. Well, last night some scumbag cut right through the window and opened the door. They went on to destroy my ignition and were able to turn on every light on in the dash trying to start and steal my JK. But thanks to your Ravelco they were stopped in their tracks. God Bless Ravelco.

Kent L

An Avalanche in Orange County
I have been working at a local multi billion dollar mall for around 6 years now. Since it is so high traffic, the security makes us park in a structure not near my place of business. About nine months ago, my 2002 Avalanche was stolen and the $10,000 wheels were stolen also. My car was soon after recovered with stock rims.

After the incident, I looked into many forms of theft deterrent. I went with Ravelco, because it just made more sense to stop the thieves from stealing the car rather than worrying that it could be stripped by the time lojack or OnStar would find it.

About a week ago the low lives tried to steal it again. This time no luck! The only solace I have, since they weren’t caught is the fact that they must’ve been pretty upset not being able to figure out why they couldn’t get it started this time…HA! But I know why… and I will recommend Ravelco to anyone that cares about the safety of their property. Not to mention the phenomenal service I have received for such an affordable solution.

Thanks a lot!

Tony S.

Orange County, CA

A Denali in Los Angeles

“I just wanted to drop you an e-mail regarding your system. I got it installed in my Denali about a year ago due to the fact that my Denali was broken into and was not stolen due to people spotting the culprits. I had it installed while it was at the dealer getting fixed. They just attempted to steal it again this past Friday and they failed. My wife works 12 hours shifts at her hospital and has to park way in the back. They popped the lock and broke the steering column. From the looks of it, they came back several times to try and start it using different methods with no success. They were after my 24″ wheels both times. Luckily it is only costing me 100 bucks for my deductible and not 4,500 bucks for the wheels. Thanks again for a great product. I am also going to purchase another set for my 2006 Pontiac GTO. It made believers of my friends. A few of them lost out on around 8500 bucks due their trucks being stolen for the 26″ rims. Thanks again.”

Marcos Meraz

Los Angeles, CA

Ford F-450 Super Duty

We live in Michigan, Upper Peninsula. Last year (2018) we were “winter Texans” and stayed in Laredo. We were told by many neighbors and law enforcement officers that we should get your Ravelco Protection System for our truck while visiting there for the winter. It would be different if we heard it from only one source but we heard the same thing from two different branches of law enforcement officers. We took their advice and had your Ravelco installed while on a trip to San Antonio. It was installed in our 2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty that we tow our travel trailer with. (Nicer than our home). Thank God we did not have any problems there for nearly 3 months that we stayed. Last night we came out from a movie and our door on the truck was wide open. As we walked towards the truck we noticed all the lights on the dash were on as if someone tried to start it. It did not look like the thieves destroyed anything so we plugged in the Ravelco and the truck started. We called the police and made a report they must have thought we were crazy because nothing was damaged. The thieves must have used a scanner to open our door and turn on our ignition. Of course the truck would not start because of your wonderful Ravelco system. Thank you so much for a proven product! 

Amber & Anthony S

Ford F450

Good Morning Ravelco, an attempted truck theft was foiled last night because of your fabulous Ravelco Security (anti Theft) Device. Due to the rising flood waters in the Barker Cypress (Houston) area, I was forced to bring my truck more inland to San Antonio where my daughter and her husband live. Knowing my truck was much more safe there than here in Houston, I parked it on the street in right front of her home. Yesterday morning, August 30th, I went to get a change of clothes in my truck and the driver’s door was open, the dash and ignition lights were on but the truck’s engine was not running. I could see where some bum rifled through all my belongs but as far as we know they took absolutely nothing. I pushed the start button to shut the ignition off, inserted my RAVELCO plug and once again pushed the start button and my 2017 Ford F450 Dually started! Thanks to Ravelco for saving my truck and most of all, my new Welding Rig. Trying to  insult me once again, my wife said no one wanted my old clothes anyway so they left them! Once again thank you for your great anti theft device!

Les T.

Ford F-450 

Dear Ravelco Crew: I am writing this message to let you know how happy I am with your Ravelco device. In January, I purchased a 2017 F-450 Platinum at a Texas Ford Dealership outside of Houston and paid more than my first home for it. I asked the salesman about protecting it with a Ravelco and he talked me out of it, saying that I did not need a Ravelco because Ford has their own factory security system. I work with many welders who have your Ravelco system on their trucks. They teased me every day saying that my truck was guaranteed going to get stolen sooner or later. Last month I  caved in and had one of your crews come out to the jobsite near NRG stadium and install your device while I was working. I was able to keep working because all I needed was my welding rig in the bed. At that time your installers put Ravelco warning stickers on my windows, but they were removed by the tint people when I had my windows tinted. What happened next was 100% my fault because I never called you and asked for more stickers. On Friday, February 24th when I came out of my hotel in Houston I saw my driver’s door open and all my dashboard lights on. The thieves somehow opened the door without destroying my door handle. The truck has a push button start and the thieves had to get by that also because the dash lights were illuminated. Thank God for your Ravelco because they were unable to take my truck. I will never have another vehicle unless it has your great Ravelco product. Thanks again and I will guarantee spread the word about Ravelco 

Gerald H

Police recommended

Good Morning Ravelco Team: I wish I would have had known about your company many moons ago. After having two trucks and a car stolen in the last 10 years – to say the least is that I needed your Ravelco product. Thankfully, a few weeks ago after having my truck stolen, a Houston Police officer recommended the Ravelco to me. Now, I am snug as a bug in a rug knowing that no one can take my truck. What I do not understand is why the media has not locked on to your good product and if they can’t promote it, at least mention it in their news segments on auto theft. Instead they report the bad but do not tell you how to really fix the problem. (Like Trump says) Almost weekly, the local news channels have segments on auto theft. At the end of the report, all the reporter says is “to help prevent auto theft . . . be sure to lock your vehicle, park under a well lit area and install an alarm system.” (Duh) I am not an expert but you would think these reporters would know more than I do. Alarm systems do not work, I had them in all of my vehicles! Also, in my last truck I had a tracking system that turned out to be a piece of crap! Now, the sad thing is I do feel that I am an expert in this field because I had 3 vehicles stolen! Once again thank you for the secure feeling of knowing my truck will always be there.

Paula F.

Cadillac Escalade

Hello RAVELCO Company, My name is Floyd Smith, and I am writing to you to share the wonderful excitement I have right now because of the RAVELCO system you guys installed on my vehicles. This past Saturday the 15th of December, my wife was at the local Sam’s here in Houston and while just being in the store about 35 minutes and returning to it she noticed her driver’s door was opened but thought she had left it open in the rush. But it wouldn’t start, so she called me and I was out of town, but I told her to call Triple AAA to boost it and if not tow her home and I would check it when I return. Well, after returning home I tried to start it and it wouldn’t start, so I looked under the hood and I noticed the PCM Module was sitting in an empty space under the hood, disconnected and a red flag went up. I plugged it up and also placed a 15 amp fuse back under the fuse box where it had been removed and checked the door handle and noticed it had been jarred somewhat. It would close but wouldn’t lock, I knew then some thief had tried to steal my wife’s Cadillac Escalade. But, because of the RAVELCO’S system that had been installed on the Escalade the thieves were unsuccessful in stealing our vehicle. I am so grateful for that day I found your company on the Internet almost two years ago. Were it not for you all installing the system, this would have been the second time our vehicle was stolen. I always promote RAVELCO by saying, “Over 5 Million Sold, and none of them stolen”. Now I am a true witness, it Works!!!!! So again Thanks from Floyd and Christine Smith. We are advocates for Ravelco, and we will always push your company. My wife is especially grateful . . . I will refer your company to all that will listen. Especially those who have GMC vehicles and or Cadillac vehicles they are at the top of the food chain for theft. May GOD continue to bless your Company and you all as well. You’re my Number One Anti Theft Company. It’s worth every dime we spent for it.

Dr. Floyd Smith Sr

1996 Honda Prelude

Dear Ravelco Company: I have read some of your testimonials to get an idea of what I should write to you for saving my car last night. I feel kind of ashamed because I do not have an extravagant vehicle like most of your other customer’s testimonials. I work 2nd shift as a nurse at Memorial Herman and last night someone attempted to steal my 1996 Honda Prelude, but could not because of your Ravelco system that my Dad had installed back in December of 1995. Thanks for a great system

Kylie G. Houston

Ford Super Duty F-450

Hello Ravelco: If I was back in Houston right now I would take your entire crew to lunch at Killen’s on me. This past Wednesday night we drove to the border in Donna, Texas for our annual dove hunt. We are staying at the same hotel where two years ago (2016) our brand new 2017 Dodge Ram Diesel was stolen and never to be seen again. For Christmas 2016, my wife had ya’ll install your Ravelco on my new truck a 2017 Ford Super Duty F-450. I do not know if you remember but ya’ll came to my job in Pearland to install it. It was raining very hard and we pulled it in one of our bays for your crew to work on. This morning, before breakfast, I went out to my truck to load it up with the guns and coolers. I noticed the driver’s door was wide open. I thought my son was already in the truck but he was still in the room. There was no damage to any of the door locks. I wondered how they got in? The police officer who was called said car thieves use a remote scanner to unlock the doors and start it. They did succeed to unlock and open the doors but thanks to your RAVELCO they could not start or most important – STEAL IT. Thank You So MUCH

Delbert P. Alvin

Another Truck Save

Just want to let you know the Ravelco anti-theft device you installed on my truck saved my truck last week.  Paid for itself many times over!  They tried to steal the truck but were unsuccessful.  The only thing wrong with your product is that the lowlife thieves either can’t read or they are unaware of how good the Ravelco system works.  We need to get the word out to the thieves so they don’t waste their time and damage a vehicle that they can’t steal!  The officer that investigated was so impressed with the system that he took a picture of the Ravelco plug and mentioned he was going to get one for his own truck. Great Product!!!

Marvin M

Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Hi Ravelco Guys: Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Ravelco. I have a couple of wise guys in IT who work in my office building who said they have a program and software on a laptop that can open and start my new 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. I thought they were kidding around, so I told them to try it. They unlocked it and also started it. I just stood there shocked that my new Jeep could be compromised (stolen) so easily. When I arrived home and very upset I Googled “best anti theft device” and your Ravelco was right on top of the first page. I liked what I read (testimonials). I called your office in Houston and asked that if I had a Ravelco installed could thieves start my vehicle with a laptop? The tech I spoke with at your office said absolutely not. So I made an appointment and had your company come out and install a Ravelco system. Believe it or not, your installers came out to my home in Magnolia on a Sunday morning. All week I have been waiting for the right time to ask these two IT guys who have been teasing me to try to start my Jeep once again. Cockily they accepted the challenge and since today is Friday, I told the dynamic duo that I had an anti theft device installed in my Jeep and they could not mess with it any longer. They just laughed and did not believe me so just before lunch I and at least 20 co-workers trekked down to the parking garage to watch these guys try to start my Jeep once again. On the way down the stairs in our hot parking garage I started getting worried and very nervous listening to them say it did not matter what I had installed they could scan it and get it. I was hoping that all the great things I read about the Ravelco system were true. AND YES THEY WERE! They could  not start my Jeep. One of them asked me for your phone number because he wanted one. Do I get a commission? Only kidding.

Doris A

Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Dear Ravelco Team: This past Thursday (4/14/16) I went to Minute Maid Park to see the Astros get beat by my home team the Royals. Thanks to your Ravelco security system I still have my truck. My 2 month old 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500’s door was wide open to greet me when I came out after the game was over. The punks broke the ignition trying to steal my truck. They stole some tools in my console but most important my truck was still there. Thank you so much for your system. A police officer who lives next door to me in the Woodlands recommended your system, and he was right! Thanks again and I will be your best salesman now!

Herman P

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