Anti-theft for all vehicles

California & Arizona Ravelco has security solutions for personal vehicles, fleet vehicles, big rigs, and heavy equipment. 

Personal Vehicles

Smart consumers fight back. The investment you make in an anti-theft device can provide you with tremendous returns – but only if you’ve chosen the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.


Fleet Vehicles

The cost of protecting your entire fleet is paid for by defeating the first theft attempt. There are no monthly fees, and the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Big Rigs / Class A

Big rigs are targeted both for the resale value of the vehicles and the valuable cargo they haul. For about the cost of a tank of fuel, a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device will prevent your rig from being stolen. 

Heavy Equipment

Theft is at an all-time high for heavy equipment owners and operators. The National Crime Information Center says there were more backhoes, Bobcats, and bulldozers stolen than ever, a Ravelco Anti-Theft Device will ensure the equipment is where you left it.

Recent Popular Vehicles Protected

Ford Superduty Trucks

Chevy Trucks

RAM Trucks (including TRX)

Jeep Wranglers

Classic Cars

Performance Cars

Ford Transit Vans

GMC Work Vans

And many others

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From Our Customers
The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is the best way to stop vehicle theft
“Because of my club’s proximity to Mexico, the theft of vehicles here is rampant and some of their favorite targets are well-equipped Jeeps. A couple of years ago, several of us had Ravelco ATDs installed in our Jeeps. So far, of the group who had the Ravelco installed, there have been 2 failed attempts to steal the Jeeps. During that time, at least 3 other members, who did not have the Ravelco installed, had their Jeeps stolen. We list the Ravelco as a “Recommended Product” on our website and encourage members to have the device installed.”
Roger Mullins

JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club San Diego, CA

“The THIRD attempt thwarted for Marcos. Do you think Marcos believes in Ravelco?! Well, it’s me again. You guys are probably tired of hearing from me by now. I recently traded in my 2001 Denali for a 2008 Denali. I figured it was time for a new one. Ravelco stopped two attempts to steal my 2001 SUV. Well, guess what? They tried stealing my 2008 Denali. And Ravelco stopped them AGAIN. I want to say thanks for a great product.”
Marcos Meraz

Los Angeles, CA

I usually don’t write companies to thank them. But I have to say that I am very happy that your product did what it was intended to do. I just finished fixing up my Chevy Tahoe. Someone else thought that they wanted my rig more than I do. Thanks to Ravelco I still have my Tahoe. I will have to pay for the damages to the door lock & ignition but that is cheaper than having to buy a new rig.
Joe Phillips

Piedmont, CA

“Forensics Expert Recognizes Ravelco’s Reliable Protection. The only product I recommend to insurance companies and consumers to prevent theft is the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device, even on vehicles with transponders. Proper installation is critical, and when California Ravelco does it, you can rest assured your car will not be driven away under its own power.”
Forest Folck

Motor Vehicle Forensic Service, San Diego, CA

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