Ford F-250/F-350 thefts.
Over the last few years, we have seen an unprecedented rise in Ford Super Duty truck thefts, specifically year models prior to 2006. Unfortunately, the stock vehicle ignition is extremely easy to bypass and allows these trucks to be stolen in less than 20 seconds for a thief who knows what they are doing.
How do you prevent your truck from being stolen? (These also pertain to all other makes and models of vehicles)
1) Install an ignition kill switch.
This prevents the ignition from turning over unless a hidden switch is activated. Thieves who encounter these will look for the typical installation places for kill switches. If you have a basic kill switch installed in a common area, they can still defeat them. However, one company, Ravelco Anti Theft Device has an ignition kill switch which is virtually impossible to bypass, however it is spendy. The company boasts that none of the vehicles installed with a Ravelco kill switch have ever been stolen (unless you leave the Ravelco in the port…)
2) Use a steering wheel lock whenever it is parked.
Using a steering wheel lock is one of the best visual deterrents out there. Sure, some can be bypassed but that takes time by the thief and current thieves look for the quick steal. They will likely bypass your vehicle it they see a steering wheel lock on it.
3) Remove the battery.
If you don’t use your Super Duty often and it is parked outside, remove the battery. This doesn’t mean your truck can’t be stolen but remember, the thief is generally looking for a quick and easy steal and may abandon the theft if they encounter issues starting it.
4) Install a GPS tracking device.
Ford Super Duty’s do not have OnStar or any other similar device to help recover the vehicle if it’s stolen. Have a GPS tracker professionally installed in an area not common for a tracking device. Find one with a battery backup so it will still function if the truck battery is removed.
5) Don’t leave your keys in the truck or leave it unlocked.
This seems simple enough for most people but too frequently we respond to thefts where the doors were left unlocked, and the keys were in the vehicle. It does not matter where you live, even in the county. Lock your vehicles and take your keys inside.
We hope some of these suggestions can help the owners of the trucks out in lessening the amount of these trucks from being stolen.#Ravelco
Installed #Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.
It only takes several hours to a professional thief to do this to your Super Duty.