“In 2013 we lost 13 vehicles to thieves, with no end to the thefts in sight. We got the vans back, but not the tools, costing the company over $250,000 per year. We tried alarms, clubs, locks, GPS. Nothing worked. Until we installed the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device. Since then, we haven’t lost a single vehicle protected with a Ravelco, and there have been over 30 attempts. We put them on every single vehicle we don’t want to be stolen. In 5 years, it’s saved the company over $600,000.”

Joe Parisi

Chairman, Therma

HVAC company Therma had 13 vehicles stolen in one year.
After installing the Ravelco, not a single vehicle has been stolen.

In 2013, professional thieves stole 13 service vans filled with tools, equipment, and materials from Therma, an HVAC company located in San Jose, CA. Therma eventually got their service vans back from the police, but each one had been cleaned out of every tool.

  • Each service van typically has over $20,000 worth of tools on board. So that adds up to a loss of over $250,000 in one year. Thieves were targeting their vehicles because of the contents, not the vehicle. The vehicle is just a way to transport the tools to a remote location where they can take their time removing the tools.
  • Therma had installed tracking devices in their service vans so they were able to recover them, but the thieves always got what they wanted. The tools!
  • A better anti-theft solution had to be found so they did their homework and called us to install the ultimate anti-theft device, the Ravelco.
  • Ravelco does exactly what our customers want. We PREVENT the theft of fleet vehicles.
  • After California and Arizona Ravelco installed the anti-theft device in Therma’s fleet, they haven’t lost a single vehicle to theft. There have been over 30 attempts by professional thieves to steal their service vehicles, but each time they were defeated by the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device.

We’re happy to be able to save Therma over $600,000 since the first Ravelco was installed on their fleet. This savings has paid for the cost of the installation many times over.

With a Ravelco installed, your vehicles won’t be stolen. Not by amateurs. Not by professionals. The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is proven to work for fleet vehicles.

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